A Vision Fulfilled

Exhale Dance Tribe was a vision of ours while living in NYC dancing on Broadway. As dance educators and professional dancer/choreographers, we felt the need to reconnect dancers to the original intention of dance: Storytelling. After successful careers in NYC, we returned back to Cincinnati to discover our town had a void. No other dance company offered what Exhale could eventually bring to this community. Exhale Dance Tribe became our calling for this region. The Native American Indians used dance as a universal language to communicate with Great Spirit (God). Our Tribe of dancers understand this need to reconnect to our roots and communicate as Contemporary storytellers/artists. Like a Tribe, each member brings something unique and special to the whole. We are not a cookie cutter dance company.


Exhale Dance Tribe is Cincinnati’s first Contemporary Dance company. This Contemporary dance company is comprised of performing artists and dance educators. Exhale celebrates the full range of modern and rhythm-based dance and features diverse, versatile performers. Their programs, performances, and original choreographies speak to the region’s need for expressionistic and multilingual dance rooted in rhythmic language and storytelling. Exhale Dance Tribe shares the exhilarating gift of performing live with adult and young adult professional dancers in the Cincinnati area as well as performances around the U.S. and New Zealand.

As Artistic Directors we are always looking for ways to explore, expand and offer cutting edge dance opportunities to this lovely tribe of dancers and our community. To leave an emotional imprint for Contemporary dance in Cincinnati is a vision fulfilled. Exhale attracts dancers from all over the country to our Tri-State area. We are grateful to our community here that finds Exhale Dance Tribe a necessary ‘voice’ for our area.

Honorary Board Members:
Mia Michaels: Emmy Award-winning choreographer of “So You Think You Can Dance”
Lea & Drew Lachey